Skate Making of the Game

Two new game modes have been added, one to simplify the trick system and one to make it harder, also known as Hardcore Mode. Hardcore Mode restricts tricks to be performed at a lower height to make things such as flip-tricks and getting onto ledges harder; it has been said that you can bail on flat if you don't flick a trick hard enough. Grinds are also much harder as there isn't as much 'suction' into ledges and rails. It also takes five pushes to get to top speed on flat as opposed to the three in the last two skate games.
Create-a-park is also a big feature in Skate 3. This allows gamers to build skateparks similar to the Tony Hawk games. According to the skate website, players can build a variety of set-ups such as mega ramps and plazas.
There will be three new game modes to play with others: '1-Up', 'Domination', and 'Own The Lot'. In 1-Up you have a given number of seconds to get a point total as a team and then the other team has to beat, or "1-Up", that score. In Domination the teams are going against each other trying to own as many spots that they can in a time limit. In Own The Lot there will be six to twelve things to do (eg; grind a ledge, fliptrick off a ramp) in a certain area that need to be completed by your team first to win.

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