Dragon Age Origins Mhairi

[starttext] BioWare has described Dragon Age: Origins as being a "dark heroic fantasy" story told on an epic scale with mature themes.[23]

The player begins the game in one of the six origin stories which serve as an introductory point for the players and present the world from their personal point of view. The origin story chosen (the choices being human noble, mage, Dalish elf, city elf, dwarf commoner and dwarf noble) determines who the character is and how NPCs react to the player. For example, elves are often viewed as second class citizens.[23] After completing their character's respective origin story, the player encounters Duncan, leader of an elite group known as the Grey Wardens. Duncan guides the player to their destiny of becoming a Grey Warden, a group who dedicate their lives to the destruction of the darkspawn, a force of demonic creatures that are swarming the surface of Thedas in a movement known as a Blight.

The player and Duncan journey to a fortress called Ostagar in southern Ferelden, to join Cailan, the King of Ferelden, and Loghain, a legendary general. There they plan to make a stand against the encroaching darkspawn, who Duncan believes have gathered for the first true Blight in 400 years. Duncan has sensed the influence of an archdemon, a great being hosted in the body of a powerful dragon, in the darkspawn's actions, making a Blight possible. Duncan ordains the player into the Grey Wardens in a dangerous ritual called the Joining. Afterward, the player, along with another Grey Warden, Alistair, is then given the task of lighting a beacon at the top of the fortress in order to signal Loghain to charge. After fighting through many Darkspawn that have infiltrated the fortress, the player does this, but Loghain quits the field upon seeing the signal, with all of his men. King Cailan and Duncan die along with most of the army at the hands of the Darkspawn, who take control of the fortress and southern Ferelden. Loghain goes to Ferelden's capital city, Denerim, and proclaims himself regent for Queen Anora, Cailan's widow.[endtext]

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