Red Dead Redemption The Law

[starttext] The game is set in America, 1908; it focuses around a former outlaw, John Marston. After Marston retires from his criminal career, he starts a family and begins to live a quiet life on the farm. That all ends when he is blackmailed by U.S. government agent Edgar Ross to ride across the American Frontiers and help bring in the rule of law. Marston has been given the primary directive of killing or capturing his former gang members, which includes his old 'friend' and gang leader Bill Williamson. Along the way Marston is given work as a bounty hunter by Marshal Leigh Johnson and his deputies, and other assistance in tracking down William, a mutual objective between them. John meets many other characters- some skirting the moral gray line- including a female rancher named Bonnie McFarlane, who is being tormented by a group of locals, and D.S MacKenna who wants to turn the region New Austin into the next Hollywood. Marston eventually crosses the Mexican border in his search for Williamson. He is introduced to the leader of a revolt known as Abraham Reyes, a Mexican rebel soldier and would-be Presidente of Mexico, and former teacher Luisa Fortuna, both requiring his assistance in setting the foundations of a revolution against the Mexican Army in 1910.

The game will use open world gameplay similar to the Grand Theft Auto series with sandbox environments and a free-roaming ability. The environments will include frontier towns, prairies, and mountain passes. The game will also feature over 40 different types of animals that can be hunted including cattle, bison, pigs, bears, cougars, rattlesnakes, deer, wolves, coyotes, vultures and many more.[3][endtext]

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