MLB 2K10

[starttext] New to the series is the "My Player" feature, a career mode similar to the "Road to the Show" feature in MLB 10: The Show in which the player shepherds a player's career from the minors to the majors. This is the most anticipated feature and MLB Today will be incorporated in My Player. Other features from the previous game have been improved or tweaked, including hitting and pitching. The game will also feature "MLB Today", an online ticker that tracks real-life baseball news and scores. With the MLB Today feature you can also play the same game that is being played in the real MLB . For example, if the Yanks are playing the Red Sox and Sabathia is pitching, in the game he will be pitching along with the same lineup that is usually used. This feature will also help the commentary as the commentators will know the stats of the players and teams from MLB Today and they will process this. For example, if Longoria was 7 for 10 in the series against the Red Sox the announcers will express that.[4]

Like NBA 2K10, Major League Baseball 2K10 celebrates its 10th anniversary, harkening back to its Sega Dreamcast origins as World Series Baseball, even though the series began in 1994 with the Sega Genesis release of World Series Baseball.[endtext]

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