Red Dead Redemption The Women

Red Dead Redemption is a third person action adventure in a Wild West setting. In order to traverse the varied terrain, many different modes of transportation are included in the game. On foot, the player character can walk, run, jump and climb over obstacles. The player will use other means of transport, such as, the more common riding on horses will be one of the core gameplay elements. The horses created with the Euphoria animation engine will show the realistic muscles and movements of the animals. To fast travel to locations the player can use a stagecoach or train. There are three main regions to traverse; two in the western United States, called New Austin and West Elizabeth, and one on the Mexican border, called Nuevo Paraiso.
Combat and gun-play is a major part of the game. Gunfights in Red Dead Redemption are conducted using a third-person system. The player can slide to cover, target a specific person, blindfire, and free aim. Individual body parts can also be targeted. When the player shoots an AI player the game engine will uniquely created the AI reactions. John Marston has an arsenal of weapons to choose from that include semi-automatic pistols, revolvers, lever or bolt-action rifles, knives, dynamite, molatov cocktail , a lasso and even a mounted Gattling gun.[3] One combat feature that Marston can utilize is a Dead-Eye targeting system that can assist players when facing multiple enemies after a Dead-Eye 'bar' is filled. Dead-Eye is used in a bullet-time like manner so the player can slow down the world to place a precise shot on an enemy. This system can also allow the player to 'paint' shots over an enemy or multiple enemies; when all shots are placed or after a duration Dead-Eye will end and Marston will fire his weapon much faster than usual in a far more damaging fusillade.
Random encounters generate as players explore the countryside, these include hangings, ambushes, pleas for help and animal attacks. Many Mini quests are avalible to challange you in. These mini-games include showdowns, gambling, hunting bounties and animals, cattle herding and five finger fillet. Hunting bounties will earn the player cash upon killing a criminal or taking him to a sheriff alive, which provides a more substantial payment and positive honor. To complete a bounty, Marston can either kill him\her, or take the fugitive alive. Taking fugitives alive may be more difficult for the player, as they must first be weakened with wounding shots and then immobilized by a hog tie. Marston must then travel back to a town, fugitive in tow, and turn him over to the law. Hunting animals is a fairly simple process; Marston must kill the game, skin it, and then sell the skins to a merchant.
An Honor system allows the player to make morality-oriented choices that will make him more or less 'honorable'; usually, the less honorable side is on the wrong side of the law. An example is a group of travelers being held up by highwaymen; Marston can take the honorable path and shoot the robbers, or the dishonorable path and join them, killing the travelers and looting the bodies. Another system that works alongside the honor system is fame, which will affect the weight of Marston's actions and how people react to him, whether he be honorable or dishonorable.[4]

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