Napoleon Total War Factions Overview

Napoleon: Total War contains four campaigns, two of which follow Napoleon's early military career. The first career event is the Italian campaign of 1796, while the second is the French invasion of Egypt in 1798. Both feature smaller, optional missions that help drive the story forward. The major French campaign, however, is the "The Mastery of Europe," which resembles the holistic modes of previous Total War games. Conversely, the "Campaigns of the Coalition" allows players to govern Great Britain, Russia, Prussia or the Austrian Empire and attempt to defeat Napoleonic France on the same map. Each major campaign requires players to obtain a certain number of territories, although the latter also demands that the French are defeated.
Many of Napoleon's major battles such as Austerlitz, Trafalgar, and Waterloo are available as historical scenarios, separate from the campaign. A new physics system has been implemented for the real-time battles, so that when cannon balls hit the ground, for instance, they leave impact craters. Mike Simpson from The Creative Assembly has reported that there are a number of environmental factors that affect battlefield tactics: gunpowder backfires when it rains, and the elevation of landscape affects the range of munitions. Individuals within a unit now vary to a greater degree, and are no longer as generic as in previous titles in the series.[4] The campaign map is narrower in focus, but also more detailed than in Empire: Total War. Turns in Napoleon: Total War are only 2 weeks, while previous titles sported 6 month turns. Additionally the game's Artificial Intelligence system has been modified.[5]
In addition, Napoleon: Total War contains several new multiplayer features, such as a uniform editor and a voice command utility to speak to other players via Steam. Unlike previous Total War titles, there is now the option for a "drop-in" multiplayer campaign mode: when playing a campaign against the computer, it is possible to allow another user to join via a lobby and take control.

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